Manufacturing Hinges Is One Thing
What We Do The Best

     GRANITS Ltd. is a family owned company which from the very beginning has been working in several business areas. The initially small company was eager to find the industry where it could succeed, stand out and make a difference, therefore achieving more than other firms in the market.
     In late 90's GRANITS received its first order of hinges for pallet collars. The founder of the company, Aleksandrs Pulkis, saw an opportunity and invested all his money to purchase 7 machines in order to produce and assemble hinges. It was a big gamble, but it was the right way to go and eventually paid off.
     Since the first order of hinges GRANITS has been rapidly developing by offering reliable products for competitive prices. One of the crucial factors is a team of professional employees. Furthermore, GRANITS has been investing large part of its revenues in R&D to optimize production, introduce new products, upgrade to new, more efficient machinery. Nowadays there is seven automated production line instead of the 7 manually operated machines, therefore the production capacity has been raised from 150 000 pcs to 4 500 000 pcs per month.
     However, efficient technologies, high production capacity, and professional team of employees are not the only factors that help us succeed. GRANITS has strong built long term relationships with both our suppliers and clients. Company has a network of direct material suppliers, which help us to keep raw material costs as low as possible. Many of our clients are working with us for more than 15 years since we are flexible in our approach to each client individually and are always open for a discussion of terms of cooperation. We believe that with a personal approach to client needs, we can work out the best solution and therefore ensure strong market position of GRANITS as a reliable and stable business partner.